Spirit of the Automobile #daytonabeach – Riverfront Park

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1928 Franklin Period ThemeSome of the classic car owners get more “in the spirit” of their automobile’s era, than others. The car is a 1928 Franklin. The picnic basket is on the ground in front of the car.

I spent a few minutes in the “vintage” area as the event opened.

In the background is the Historical Museum, along with the roof line of a couple of more South Beach Street merchants.


Art of the Automobile 2015 – Meet Al Brewer and Hear About the Event

The Art of the Automobile is a popular car event held annually in Daytona Beach. It’s focus is on showcasing vehicles from several decades, with a couple of themes mixed in. From 1940s military and “luxury” cars to muscle and race cars, the event is a fascinating educational experience. Car owners, some of whom are there to sell their vehicles, will gladly engage in conversation, providing trivia and detail.

Fly with Jeff Mansell – Airwaves of Daytona – for a bird’s eye view of the Art of the Automobile event in Daytona Beach’s Riverfront Park