First Chroma-key Video Promotes BlogTalkRadio (School of Social Marketing), Animoto and the Power of POP

I’m an active user of Animoto as a video production platform. It’s easy to use and effective. Take digital images, upload them to the Animoto platform. Add some text and royalty-free music. Push to a YouTube channel. But there are times when full motion video is necessary. And, once you get into full motion, you want to enhance the video…

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MediaMojo: Creating Content with Animoto, BlogTalkRadio and Cinch

I wanted to tell my friends about a couple of the online tools I have learned to use over the past few years, but I’ve been so intent on learning how to do things online that I’ve become reclusive, and I don’t have very many friends anymore. And, the ones I do have, don’t understand what I’m talking about because…

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